Diversity pledges are important and have been made in just about every industry since the killing of George Floyd.

The media is no exception. A variety of newsrooms have published letters to their readers about the ways their past coverage could have been more inclusive. Several have started training efforts…

How we moved from batch, asynchronous processing to a real-time, full-circle process

By Dion Bailey and Louise Story

illustration of blue fibre cables with ones and zeros passing through inside
Photo: Getty Images

It was election night, audiences were flocking to our platforms, and — — beyond all the great journalism going on — we had a big technology breakthrough.

We were collecting close to…

Should we make stuff or test stuff?

Increasingly, as we have moved into a more iterative model of product and content development, it’s the latter. To accelerate this process, we are hiring for 13 new roles in our Experimentation team (see below for details).

Isometric illustration of a/b testing two web designs on mobile
We are integrating a “test and learn” process fully into our product development. Illustration: iStock

We are thinking about our projects…

By John Schimmel and Louise Story

Imagine if drivers on a highway needed to understand the motor of every other car around them in order to change lanes? Even worse, imagine if a break-down in one motor affected another car 1,000 feet away?

Sounds impossible, right? Yet, for a long…

By Mike Finkel and Louise Story

Screenshot of a Kanban board used by The WSJ
WSJ’s web team decided to switch from Scrum to Kanban

A lot of things have changed since we all started working from home, but one thing we have worked hard to preserve is our culture of empowering engineering teams to be leaders in decision-making.

One recent decision by WSJ’s web team reflects our collaborative…

I like to think about rock climbing when I face cross-roads in my work. You look a few feet up and find the next route forward, focusing on that pitch with an eye of appreciation for what’s ahead and where we’ve already traveled. There’s often multiple routes forward, and I find the one that works for me and the project at hand. I am always grateful for teamwork and I like to hold the rope for others, knowing they’ll hold the rope for me.

So many people in our industry want to know what lies ahead and how to navigate their careers in a changing environment. My answer is to keep learning and growing, and your path ahead will naturally develop.

A few of my colleagues suggested I share this podcast episode about my…

People working at The Wall Street Journal newsroom in New York
The Wall Street Journal newsroom in New York

We are expanding! Come join our talented and fun teams making awesome content experiences at The Wall Street Journal.

We are creating a team focused on engagement, and expanding our mobile experiences and storytelling teams.

These particular jobs are in product design and in engineering. They sit within the WSJ’s Digital Experience & Strategy unit (DXS), a cross-disciplinary department that includes editors, reporters, community specialists, developers, data scientists, product managers, designers and strategists. We all work together towards our goals of helping and engaging our audiences.

The jobs are listed here. Check them out and spread the word!

Lead iOS Engineer

Senior iOS Engineer

Senior iOS Engineer, Storytelling

Lead Software Engineer

Principal Engineer, Engagement

Senior Web Engineer, Engagement

Manager, Operations and Initiatives

UX Designer, Inclusive Product Design

Product Manager, Audience Touchpoints

Technical Product Manager

SEO Optimization Analyst (Contract)

Standing in other people’s shoes to work together is essential as we bring different ways of working together and focus on our audiences. Image: Diversity quilt by Oregon Department of Transport https://flic.kr/p/7aAJ3K

Focus on the MACU.

That’s one of the most important things I tell our teams at The Wall Street Journal, and it’s a mantra that leads to positive results.

The MACU refers to: Members, Audiences, Customers and Users.

You see, media companies have decades-old divides in the organizational structure, meant…

Talk2020 user interface

Innovative new ideas can have many twists and turns in the development process, and I want to share a great tale of one of our newest features, Talk2020.

Talk2020 is a tool that helps our audiences look up past statements by the presidential candidates and their vice presidential partners. …

Louise Story

Journalism leader with a background in product, technology, investigative reporting and masthead-level editing. Cares about future of news industry.

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