• Barry Nalebuff

    Barry Nalebuff

  • Ian Markind

    Ian Markind

  • Janet O'Grady

    Janet O'Grady

    Writer/Media Strategist Wrapping an extended Adult Gap Year Most of you know me as co-founder/former longtime Editor Aspen Magazine www.janetogrady.com

  • David Capasso

    David Capasso

  • Emily Varty

    Emily Varty

  • Katherine Lordi

    Katherine Lordi

    20-something Associate Product Manager from Philly @ WSJ, Barron’s. Writing about what I’m learning! • Tech, Media, Personal Finance, Self Development, Health •

  • Masako Osabe

    Masako Osabe

  • Michelle. YC

    Michelle. YC

    Marketing | Love Cooking | Runner | Thinker & Doer | “Life is short, eat it up!” from Sharone Hakman | "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

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